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A children's eye exam evaluates all aspects of your child's vision and eye health, which is why these exams are such a necessary part of growing up. At the Bolduc Eye Care office in Biddeford, Maine, the talented team knows how to make your child comfortable while protecting their eyes. Book an appointment at the beautiful office by phone or through the online scheduler today.

Children’s Eye Exam Q&A

When should my child have eye exams?

Bolduc Eye Care recommends an eye exam schedule based on your child’s eye health and vision care needs, with the first eye exam being at the age of four and then another exam before starting the first grade. 

After that, children who aren't at-risk for eye issues need annual eye exams. At-risk kids may need bi-yearly examinations, depending on recommendations from Bolduc Eye Care. 


What does a children's eye exam include?

A children's eye exam at Bolduc Eye Care includes both you and your child, especially when they're still too young to speak for themselves regarding their eye health and vision.

It's helpful if you're there to fill the optometry team in on your child's health history, their eye care history, their current medications, and any concerns or questions that you might have. 

The eye exam includes visual acuity tests, which evaluate the clarity of your child's vision. If your child needs glasses or contact lenses, they'll need refraction tests to find out what type of lenses (and what specific prescription) they need.

Other tests include:

  • Eye teaming
  • Eye muscle movement
  • Light response
  • Peripheral vision test

The eye exam includes a full check of your child's eye health and function. Many children are diagnosed with strabismus (crossed eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), and other conditions early in life thanks to regular children's eye exams. 

With these tests, your child can get early diagnosis and treatment for both eye health issues and vision problems. When you learn about eye issues early, you can take action before the problem has a lasting impact on your child's eyes.


How can you stop nearsightedness in children?

Myopia (nearsightedness) control treatments can be beneficial in halting its rapid progression. If your child’s myopia seems to worsen at each check-up, ask whether myopia control might help. 

Myopia control can include several treatments, including special contact lenses and prescription eye drops, that can preserve your child’s vision. 

Bolduc Eye Care welcomes kids ages four and up for children’s eye exams and other eye care of all types. Schedule your child’s appointment online or by phone today.