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Eye exams are of prime importance for both adults and children at every stage of life. Through comprehensive eye exams at Bolduc Eye Care in Biddeford, Maine, you can take care of your ocular function and health at the same time. Use the online appointment maker or call the office for the best eye care in Maine now.

Eye Exams Q&A

How often do I need an eye exam?

Bolduc Eye Care generally recommends either yearly or biannual exams for adults, but the team personalizes your exam schedule for your situation. Consistency is vitally important when it comes to eye exams. 

At each exam, the team evaluates your test results compared to the previous ones to monitor current problems, diagnose emerging issues, and determine whether you might have new whole-body health concerns.

What does a complete eye exam include?

Bolduc Eye Care understands how critical complete eye exams are, and they always strive to deliver the best eye health and vision care. Your eye exams always include a full review of your history, which involves both your personal and family medical history.

Your eye exam includes several tests and check-ups, including: 

  • Acuity test to check near and distance vision
  • Refraction test to determine your prescription
  • Field test to evaluate central and peripheral visual fields
  • Cover test to check eye teaming and strain
  • Color perception test
  • Pupil reaction test
  • Tonometry to check eye pressure 
  • Retinal imaging to check your retina for damage

These tests can check for indications of eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration. Sometimes, inner-eye changes observed during an eye exam are the first symptoms of diseases like diabetes. This fact is why an eye exam can be beneficial for whole-body wellness.

Are my eyes dilated during an eye exam?

Yes, most comprehensive eye exams require eye dilation. It’s important to have eye dilation because it widens your pupils enough for your Bolduc Eye Care specialist to see the back part of your retina that’s not otherwise seen. 

Eye dilation is very easy: it takes only a couple of small drops in each eye and usually takes full effect in 20-30 minutes. It’s not painful to have your eyes dilated, but dilation could cause some side-effects like light sensitivity and blurred vision for a few hours after your exam. The Bolduc Eye Care team can let you know whether it’s safe to drive yourself home. 

Get your complete eye exam at Bolduc Eye Care by calling either office or clicking the online appointment scheduler today.